Photo by Deasy Bamford

Photo by Deasy Bamford

Wordle - Walk With Twenty Three

Passionate about walking?    Enjoy discussion & sharing ideas?


Walk With offers facilitated & thought provoking 'walk & talks'

during late Spring, Summer and early Autumn.

'Walk With'

offering guided & facilitated 'walk & talk's'

a step away from doing into being . .


Hello.. well here it is, finally!  I can't promise this site is typo free, so perhaps you will be kind enough to let me know . .


Join us...

Wordle - short word selection - the one! dawn at AC 7 with tree 019 Castles - the look out point 1 101 Group walking in Sping DSC_0249
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WALK WITH ~ s l o w l y returning post summer break ~ more news soon . .